Why buy an iPhone at the expense of an Android?

Many heated debates in the forums heat the web when it comes to choosing between an iPhone and an Android. Android users seem to be happy with their devices for several reasons. But Apple also scores points with convincing arguments. Discover here these arguments to choose an iPhone.


An innovative system

Robustness does not dispense with regular maintenance. Check this claim to learn more. IOS systems have the most efficient updates because they are more frequent and faster. For all these smartphones, the task is entrusted to a single software and the automation of the update deployment is just immense. For all devices with compatibility, they receive them at the same time.

Mobile devices, starting with iOS version 8, have a feature called han off that shares these functions with MAC OS computers. The screen is then duplicated to the monitor with all the functions active. This also includes internet connection sharing, messages and calls.


Very advantageous devices

Just like Google owns Play Store, Apple owns App Store. The amount of apps available within them is almost equal. However, the App store is still the priority of many developers today. The reason is quite simple, it is more economical. IPhone users are less reluctant to pay for their apps, making the App Store much more profitable. Android apps are more easily hacked. This is the reason that pushes developers to integrate the new features into the App Store.

Another advantage is that these devices are more popular than Android. The latest iPhone costs a lot of money, but older versions support newer updates. Thus, their sales values ​​increase and by changing your smartphone often, you can amortize your initial investment.




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